Pupils of the Polytechnic Lyceum at the CINDP Department NEWS

As part of the career orientation event, on May 31, 2024, a meeting of the students of the Polytechnic Lyceum of NTUU “KPI” of Kyiv with the teachers of the department of computer-integrated technologies of device production took place. The students of the lyceum, under the guidance of class teacher Olena Vasylivna Shevchuk, had the opportunity to visit the classrooms and familiarize themselves with the scientific and technical base of the department.

During the meeting with the department head, Mykhailo Bezugly, and teachers Konstantin Vonsevich, Serhii Lisovets, and Dmytro Velygotsky, the students learned about the department’s history, educational programs, and curriculum, according to which the department prepares specialists in the specialty. They also learned about modern trends in robotics creation and the achievements of teachers in this field and disciplines, which are read at the department.